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“Oh, hey Dirk! What’s up, is Dave here?” You ask while fist pumping Dirk when he opened the door.

“Yea, he’s in his room right now. Nice to see you lil’ sis,” Dirk says smiling a bit.

“Thanks Dirk!” You say. You gave Dirk a quick hug and ran over to Dave’s room. You knock and a muffled voice is heard  behind the door saying it’s open.

You open the door to see Dave struggling to put his shirt on because of the shades he’s always wearing. This always seemed to happen when you came in and you were sort-of used to it. The shirt was stuck on Dave’s head leaving his chest area was fully exposed. It was quite fit because of his daily skateboard routines he did in the park below. You blush a bit and went over to help him.

“God, why don’t you take those shades off once in a while, they always keep you from putting an actual shirt on,” You say helping Dave. Once he got his head through the right hole he gasped for air. His shades were off set, showing one of his natural bright red eyes, and his face was flushed from have his face covered.

“Thanks (y/n), you’re always a great help,” Dave mutters as he fixes his shades. “I’ll be right back, wait here.”

He walks out the bedroom leaving you wondering what to do. You go over the window and look out to see the most amazing view of the city. You lived on the lower levels of the apartment and you saw nothing but buildings blocking your view. You first met Dave at the park when you were practicing your skateboard tricks. Ever since that day, you’ve been close friends for a couple of years, almost like brother and sister.

“Wow!” You gasp as a breeze ruffles your hair. Dave comes in silently and see’s you at the window right when the breeze ruffles your hair. He blushes for a moment because when that happened you looked absolutely amazing. He covers his face with his arm and you noticed him standing at his bedroom door. “Hey Dave, you have the most amazing view I’ve seen!” You laugh  and sticking your head out the window.

“Hey! Don’t do that, you migh-” Dave started to stay as he walked quickly to where you were. You suddenly slipped and thankfully, he caught you in time before you fell out of the window. He catches the back of your shirt and pulls you forcefully out of the window. That caused you to twirl around land on his chest; you both fall down onto the ground with you clutching his shirt in pure fear. You swore your heart was pounding right of your chest and you blushed scarlet red from the embarrassing moment.

“Jeez, let’s not do that again alright?” Dave mutters as he rubbed the back of his head. He was still holding you by the time he sat up leaving you dizzy and disoriented. He helped you stand up and made sure you were okay as you stood there trying to process what just happened.

“Hey. Hey! HEY (y/n)! Earth to (y/n)?!” Dave said as he shook your shoulders.

You snapped back into focus and rubbed your forehead. “Yea, sorry about that I ju-” Before you could finish your sentence, Dave suddenly hugged you so tight you could feel his heart beating fast.

“God! Just don’t do that again, alright (y/n)?! I’d suck if you’d fall out.” Dave muttered in your ear. You were shocked for a moment and hugged him back. Once he realized he was doing he let go and blushed a deep red. “(cough cough) Don’t do that again. Anyway wanna hear some of the new songs I made?”  He tried to say calmly as he hid his face.

“Sure! Give a go!” You say happily, plopping yourself down on his bed.

Dave grinned and flicked his turntables on. “Get ready for some of the sickest beats you’ve ever heard.”

Gosh, was Dave the sickest DJ you ever heard. His music was so cool, especially his “Explore” one. That one you really liked. You lay down on his bed and closed you eyes, listening to Dave as he creates a melody. Being one to fall asleep easily, you drift off into darkness as the last thing you remember was the few notes of Dave’s song…
Dave stops his music only to see you snoring lightly on his bed. He turns off his turntables and makes his way over to you. He moves some puppets away and places a blanket over you. Dave sits on his bed silently watching you sleep, you begin to mutter something as you sleep and frown. “…Don’t…Don’t leave…Don’t leave me…Dave…Please…Dave…Stay here,” You mutter, clearly dreaming something terrifying. You unknowingly clench your fist and move around as if you were in pain.

“Hey hey, calm down. I’m right here,” Dave says quietly laying next to you and holding your hand. You relax and stop moving around, sleeping once again with a small smile on your face. Dave smiles and places an arm around you and the other acting as a cushion for his head. He dozes off too, hugging you close to him and feeling as if the world only consisted of the two of you.

You awake slowly only to find your face so close to Dave. You blush greatly, but realizing that he is sleeping next to you. Of course, with his shades still on. You then notice that he is clutching your hand and you slowly wiggle out of his warm grasp. You slip off his shades and see his adorable sleeping face with faint freckles spotted all over his cheeks.  His straight white-blond hair is a bit messed up as he lies on his bed. You giggle a bit and place the blanket over him, making him stir in his sleep.  You look out the window only to see the sun setting and the sky colored in bright orange and red. You sit on the floor against the bed listening to Dave’s steady breathing. Just for fun, you put on Dave’s shades and see the instant change in color. Everything became dark and sharper, I guess you could say that colors were more faded and shapes were more defined. You continued to wear his shades until two warm hands lifted them up and slid them off.

“Hey!” You shout grabbing for the shades. Dave puts them on as you land on top of him on the bed. You frown and grab for his glasses but he instead blocks your hand. “Hmmph, well it’s nice to see you sleeping beauty.” You say sarcastically as you get up but still sitting on top of him. You cross your arm as he sits up also, leaving you to be sitting in his lap facing him. Dave adjusts his glasses and smirks at you.

“Says the person who fell asleep on my bed first. By the way, no grabbing for my glasses, their mine and only mine,” Dave says as grins at you, making you EXTREMELY annoyed. You know, typical Striders, always the kind of people to tease others. He wraps his arms around you allowing no chance of escape from your current sitting position.

“Hey hey! Let’s not get all cuddly like John and Rose,” You say blushing a bit as you try and pry his arms off of you. You knew John and Rose because they visited here a couple times. They always clearly showed their love for each other with hugs, kisses and other lovey dovey stuff.  Dave clearly was not letting up this chance of you so close to him. You knew he wanted something if he clearly insisted in keeping the way it was. “Oh jesus lord, Dave what do you want now?” You ask as you continue to try and pry off his arms.  Damn, he was strong and it was clear you couldn’t run away. You stopped and looked him straight in the face with your arms crossed and face heating up. “Dave, there is CLEARLY something you want. Tell me what it is or else I’ll steal your so-called-cool shades again.”

“Oh no, not that again!” Dave says in mock-scare raising his eyebrows playfully.  You frown and look away from him.

“Fine then, I’ll just ignore you then!” You say crossing your arms and looking away.

“Oh no, not this game again. Come o-” Dave says now putting a straight face on.

“Lalala! I can’t hear you Mr. Strider!” You sing childishly, covering your ears. You continue to cover your ears and interrupt him every time he says something.

“Alrighty then, be that way.” Dave says grinning, he takes you chin and kisses you right on the lips. He moves his hand to the back your head, not allowing you to move back. He nibbles on your bottom lip and forces his tongue into your mouth. He tackles your tongue, then easily wins dominance over you and explores every crevice in your mouth. He moves his hands to your hips and continues to kiss you harder and harder every time you resist. You uncross you arms and grip Dave’s shoulders as you try to pull your head away. Eventually, you couldn’t take this battle and kissed him back passionately giving Dave a shock and making him pull back.

“Well, finally someone fights back,” Dave grins as he wipes his mouth. You blush and cover your face making Dave playfully tilt his head. His hands are still sitting on your hips as you blush. You keep on hand covering your face and the other trying to pry them off. “Not talking to me, I see? Well, I guess this makes you my girlfriend now.” He says as he nibbles your ear. You squeak in surprise and use both hands to push him away.

“What, who said I was going to be your girlfriend?! I didn’t agree to this!” You say hastily, desperately trying to remove yourself from his grip. Suddenly, a bright flash blinds you for a moment as you look to see what it was. It turns out Dave snapped a photo of you completely red in the face as you were struggling in his lap. “Oh god, Dave Strider, you just did not-”

“Well, guess what I did. I’ll paste these everywhere if you don’t agree to your place has my goddamn girl.” He whispered in your ear and he leaned in to kiss your neck.

You squeaked a bit but didn’t resist this time, instead you sat stiffly in his lap and he bit your neck softly. “F-fine. I’ll be your girlfriend then.” You say after a while swearing you neck must be full of marks by now.

“Really?” Dave says his eyes widening a bit.

“Cross my heart and hope to die!” You say happily as you removed his shades. You smiled and he didn’t stop you from removing them. You looked into his eyes and saw they were a beautiful candy red.

“Hey Dave?”

“Yea baby?”

“You have the most gorgeous eyes.” You say as you kissed his forehead.

He chuckled and laid you on his bed with him on top of you. You wrapped you arms around his neck as he slid a hand under your shirt, touching your bare skin with his warm hands. He leaned in for a kiss, once again winning dominance over you, but you didn’t mind.

“I love you Dave.” You say grinning as you broke away from the kiss.

“I love you too [Name].” Dave whispered as he kissed you again.
Please let me know if there are any spelling error or whatever.

Just as I said a DavexReader!
This isn't my best piece QAQ but I tried really hard on it.
I need to know what happened to my baby Dave in HS. ;n;
I hope you enjoyed!

[Psst. I also might be making an afterstory with Dave too. Perhaps it might be a lemon. SHHHSTAYTUNED :D]

Homestuck: :iconandrewhussieplz:
You: :iconsexydaveplz:

WHOOPTH i forgot to put this link up after so many weeks of entering it in. Ahahaa. Sorry about that.

Picture credit.…
Again, this dA is abandoned. Please check out my page for more detail.
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We probably would have said yes anyways.

There was no need to blackmail us.
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I know, right? I mean we were obviously infatuated with him, there was no need for him to be a dick and blackmail us, possibly losing some of our love and respect.
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... And then dirk walked in like: ... Well f*ck. (I honestly thought he'd walk in and see Dave and reader-chan sleeping on the bed XD)
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He probably did, this is the world of fanfiction we're talking about here!!!
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Would have been pretty funny. x3
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