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February 13, 2013
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Tonight was a beautiful night where the stars were shining and the sky was clear. The sun had finished setting and the air was just the right temperature to be outside. You were outside with all of your friends on a wooden pavilion surrounded by brightly lit lanterns and blasting music. Everyone was chatting and having fun as music softly played in the back ground. You didn’t have your shoes on as you danced happily on the wooden platform with Jade, your feet making soft thuds as you hopped around. It was a nice night; you liked it this way where everyone could be who they wanted with the security of the thick forest trees hiding them.

You danced rhythmically with Jade laughing and smiling as you two danced in the middle like idiots. You hopped, spun and jumped around since you really didn’t know how to dance you decided to do something that went along with the beat of the music. You wore a simple t-shirt and some shorts along with some bouncing, well worn friendship bracelets on your wrists.

Once the song ended you stopped, your chest heaving and your face slightly red, you grinned widely and looked up at Jade who had the same appearance as you.

“Nice dance moves [Name]!” She said brushing parts of her messy hair.

You laughed and straightened some of your clothes. “Thanks Jade, you too!”

You both grinned and Jade was suddenly called over by John for something. Seeing she wasn’t going to be back for awhile, you wandered off with your bare feet patting softly on the floor. You saw Dave sitting alone on the other end of the stage looking bored and hunched over. You bounded over to him, careful to not make too much noise as you made your way. You stopped just behind him and smiled. You snuck your hands from under his shades to cover his eyes.

“Guess who cool kid!” You giggled leaning over him. His head rested against your stomach as he moved his head up to look at you.

“Haha hey [Name], I see you’re still pretty bad at hiding yourself.” He said casually showing no sign of emotion as usual. You pouted and shifted you hands away and sat down behind him. You put your hands on his shoulders on and forcefully pulled him back so that he’d be lying sprawled on your lap. You giggled as he adjusted his crooked glasses and looked up at you with his face set in a slight questioning look.

“Seriously [Name] what the hell was that for?” He asked, but still kept himself lying on your lap. You smiled and leaned over him with your [length] hair falling downward.

“Is there a crime for letting someone who looks so bored just lay somewhere for a change?” You asked brushing a tuft of hair from his forehead. His stifled a bit and his lips pressed slightly together. He knocked your hand away softly and turned to his side not looking at you anymore.

“It’s a crime to be forcing a cool kid like me to fall down into some idiot’s lap,” He replied look away and folded his hands across his chest. You frowned and leaned closer, poking his cheek just because. He snapped his head back to look at you annoyed and you tried to suppress a laugh.

“Something’s wrong ‘Strida’. Come on you can tell me! I’m your sister from another mister!” You smiled and brushed some of his blond-white hair away from his face. He smirked and blew into your face causing you to jerk away quickly. You wrinkled your nose in disgust. “Augh! Dave your breath smells! What vile things have you been consuming you cruel boy?!”

Dave grinned and brought his arms up to touch the side of your face. “It’s called Doritos and Strider juice, aka Apple Juice. By the way, ‘sista’, don’t use those corny lines, they’re terrible.” You pouted and wrapped your arms around his neck staring down at his face.

“Uh huh, you should really stop eating those junk foods. At least once in a while try something new!”

“No way! These foods are sacred to the Strider family!”

You looked at him in a questioning way. “Really Dave? You’re seriously going to go down that path.” You picked at one of the loose threads of his shirt absent mindedly as you searched his face for answers.

“What path? Are you talking about me winning this argument and you losing?” He said wiggling his eyebrows a bit teasingly.

“Sure sure Strider. That’s TOTALLY the path I’m talking about,” You say with an exasperated sigh fanning yourself with your hand out of habit.

Dave scrunched up his face as you did that and reached up to pull your hand away. “Why do you do that? That’s so weird [Name].”

You looked down at him and smiled. “Stop scrunching your face Strider, you’re gonna get big wrinkles on your face.”

“Pfft you’re going to get them first oldie.”

“Ruuudde!” You stuck your tongue out at him, but stopped once you heard slow music coming from the stage. “Oh oh! Come on Dave! Let’s dance!” You said ecstatically standing up, careful not to let Dave’s head hit the floor too hard.

His mouth gaped open and he tried to struggle away from you as you grabbed for him. “What? No! I don’t feel like dancing to some lame ass song that re-”

You grasped his hand and dragged him towards the center of the dance floor. Your feet stomping on the hollow platform as a rather defiant Dave trailed after you. “It’s alright! Don’t be such a whiny baby Dave, I’ll teach you how to dance!” You exclaimed in triumph. You spun him around so that he’d be facing you. He was much taller than you, at least a head taller maybe. You stood in the middle of the floor with couples surrounding your both, but you didn’t mind. “Here,” You instructed, taking one hand to guide it to your waist and the other grasping yours, “You have to hold me here like that.” You placed your hand softly on his shoulder and looked up at him grinning slightly. “It’s not so hard is it?”

“…No it isn’t,” He muttered looking down away from your face. You laughed and began to slowly sway to the beat.

“You can step on my feet if you’d like I don’t mind.” You smiled, “So the first thing you want to do is follow my steps…”

For awhile, you tried to teach Dave how to slow dance. You had to admit, he was a fast learner with the exception of stepping on your toes once in awhile. Finally he got so good at it that he French dipped you! As you stood back in the normal position you looked back at him grinning with your face appearing slightly red from embarrasment.

“Hey Dave! You’re getting so good at this!”

“Suppose it just runs in the blood where we’re just so good at everything,” He grinned, slight dimples appearing on his cheeks.

“Uh huh…” You looked at him with one eye brow raised as you both continued to dance, “What about all those times you stepped on my toes, huh?”

“Hey [Name]! No one’s perfect!”

“Says the guy who is good at everything!” You laughed as a blush set across his face, his faint freckles appearing and the tips of his ears going red. As he was rather busy blushing, you looked behind him to see some rather angry girls shooting glares at the both of you. You stiffened and stopped dancing for a moment causing Dave to notice and look up at you.

“Huh? [Name]? What’s wrong?” He asked looking at your face. You glanced back at him and smiled the best reassuring smile as you could.

“It’s nothing Dave! I’m fine,” You said swaying a bit, “How about we trade partners? Here!” You grabbed Terezi’s hand and led her to Dave. “Here you guys can dance together! I got to go now, I forgot something.” You guided Terezi into Dave’s grasps and waved good bye hurriedly, running away from the platform and stuffing on your shoes.

“Hey [Name]! Wait!” Dave called moving forward a bit nearly knocking Terezi over.

“Whoa there cool kid! I’m blind remember?” She looked at him, her eyebrows scrunched together, “By the way, I think I smell something bad is going to happen…” Terezi trailed off holding tightly on Dave for support.

You ran away from the pavilion only to find yourself in another dark forest far away from the party. You hugged arms close and walked nervously through the trees.  Suddenly, you saw a group of figures approach you in which you stepped back in horror.

As they stepped into view you saw the figures were the glaring girls from the party. They looked mad and vicious as they stepped towards you.

“Get her girls.”  The supposed leader of the group said. Three girls rushed forward, two grabbed each of your arms and the other gagged your mouth. You tried to scream and kick away from the girls but it was no use. You looked up at the lead girl with hatred. She smirked at you as she walked closer with shocking calmness.  “Perhaps you know what I’m doing this for?”

You glared at her, ignoring her disgusting smirk and words. You struggled again but the girls on your side held you hard and the gag in your mouth wasn’t going to move at all no matter how hard you tired. Behind all of this you wondered, when did it lead to this mess?

The girl grinned and leaned closer so that you could smell the sickening sweet candy perfume she was wearing. “This is what you get for messing with our boy, girlie. Go ahead girls, she’s yours.” With that she walked away cackling as 2 more girls surrounded you in a barricade you couldn’t escape. They grinned evilly as you as shrunk down lower.

Oh this was going to hurt real bad.

Really bad.

The first girl threw a punch landing straight into your abdomen cause you to choke with the gag still on your mouth. The hits continued to come faster and faster, bruising your body and causing you to choke up blood. Finally you were only held by a slim thread where you could stay conscious. The girls threw hard on the dirt; you could taste the sand in your mouth as you collided against it. They stood over you grinning wildly and with one last kick in the stomach you were knocked unconscious only enough time to see them disappear…

You awoke later that night, cold and numb with pain. You winced as you sat up, touching parts of your body to make sure you had no broken bones.

Good, everything was fine except for a whole colony of ugly cuts and bruises scattered across your body. You slowly stood up, you’re legs shaking and your mind dizzy. You walked forward trying to get your bearings. You leaned against a tree and looked up at the sky. It should be around midnight now and you seriously wondered how you got yourself into this mess. You tried to laugh it off but a rather powerful stab of pain through your stomach stopped you. You sighed and moved forward, finding a path that would eventually lead to your house…

Dave fiddled around with his phone as he sat on his bed at his apartment he shared with Dirk. Dirk had already gone to sleep but Dave was wide awake even though it was near midnight. He tapped his foot impatiently deciding whether or not he should call you one last time. He had already called your house phone and your cell at least 10 times already but they always went to your voicemail. He fiddled around with the phone, twirling it around and constantly waking it up to see if you messaged back. He sighed, he didn’t know why he was so worried about you, but something was especially bugging him and he didn’t know what. He took a deep breath and slumped over realizing how tired he actually was. He woke up his phone again, unlocking it to pause over the call app. Maybe just once more call won’t hurt, after all this is just friends worrying about friends right? He tapped the app and called your number holding his breath…

You arrived at your house and closed the door behind you, literally throwing yourself on the ever-so-loving couch. You took a couple breaths, ignoring the stinging pain rippling across your body. Sadly though the phone started to ring and you groaned as you stood up to get it. Practically twice you had to lean against the wall in order to support yourself. You finally made your way to the phone and looked at the number calling, you didn’t recognize it but you picked it up anyway.

“Hello?” You croaked out, your voice hoarse and ragged.

“[Name]? Is that you? Are you alright? I’ve been calling you all night goddamnit!” Dave replied, almost jumping up on his feet in his apartment.

You flinched at the intensity in his voice and held the phone a little ways from your ear. “Ahh yea, sorry about that I… I just got home.”

“Just got home? [Name], it’s literally 1 o’ clock in the morning already! Where have you been?!”

“Well if it’s 1 o’ clock by now shouldn’t you have been sleeping?!” You exclaimed as you slid down the wall onto the cold floor.

“That’s not the point, where have YOU been?”

You bit your lip, you couldn’t tell Dave about what happened. He would flip out and hunt them down. You didn’t want to get in any more of the mess than you already were. “I’ve been places okay? I just went somewhere real quick only to lose track of time!” You coughed and breathed raggedly, “You know what? See you at school tomorrow cool kid, bye.”  You ended the call and placed the phone back in its place and limped towards the bathroom to clean up…

Dave stood still after you hung up, hearing the continuous beeping of the phone. He fell back on his bed and turned his phone to sleep. He was still in slight shock after your abrupt departure. He shook his head violently and turned to lie on his bed, maybe tomorrow he could catch you on a better mood…
--Please let me know if there are any mistakes or anything spelling/grammatical! Don't be afraid to point them out! ^ u ^ --

I'm sorry I'm supposed to be doing things on my To-Do list but suddenly, BAM, Dave feels right in the chest. I've been conjuring up ideas for the AmporaxReader but nothing is coming through. Imsorryimsorryimsorryimsorryimsorry.

I will be making a part 2. Add that to my growing list of To-Dos. Imagine the pavilion or whatever like in Adventure Time "Bad Little Boy" except like huge, a dance floor and stuff. >3> Yea haha. I'm sorry I'll make your guy's other reader inserts ASAP as long soon as school doesn't sap away my motivation and inspiration. If you were wondering Dave's real personality is that he's pretty insecure but hides it underneath his 'cool', he also cares deeply about his friends and has a great sense of humor/irony in which I cannot conjure up since I'm a poor little idiot.

I'm supposed to be on Hiatus but I felt really bad for leaving you guys hang. SUUHHHPRISE. c:
I am so done with myself. .//flip table.

Dave and Homestuck: :iconandrewhussieplz:
You: :iconsexydaveplz:
Art/Cover photo: :iconclock-stopper:

PART 2!! >> [link]
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