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You awoke aching and practically shaking uncontrollably. You struggled out of bed and stumbled into the bathroom where you it took many attempts to get yourself ready. You didn’t feel sick, but you sure felt something was wrong. You shrugged it off and walked to the kitchen where you made breakfast for yourself. A bowl of milk and cereal along with some orange juice, pretty decent you suppose.

As you ate, your shakiness slowly disappeared and you finally had control over your hands. You flexed yours hands looking at them in slight amazement; you didn’t expect to gain control of them so fast. You sighed and looked up towards the clock realizing it was 7:25! At 7:30 the bus would be arriving at your house soon! You quickly gathered up your things and stuffed them into your backpack then raced out of the door, grabbing a hat and jacket, to see the bus approaching from down the street. You waited at your designated spots and put the hat on, tipping it down so that no one would see your bruised face. You hugged your arms closer and shifted uncomfortably as the bus grew near. You stood silently away from the other kids until a hand tapped your shoulder. You whipped your head around to see Dave looking at you.

“[Name]? Oh my god…what happened to your face?!” Dave asked, his face concerned and angry.

You shrugged his hand away and tipped your hat lower. “It’s nothing Dave, it’s no big deal.” The bus arrived and you quickly darted away from him.

“What?! No big de- Hey! Wait up!” Dave was swallowed up by the swarming crowd of kids eager to get on the bus and get school over with. You quickly boarded the bus and sat in the back, your usual spot and slid down hoping to be ignored by everyone. You peeked under the brim of your hat and saw Dave come in and sit a couple rows in front of you. You sighed and turned to the window looking outside as you awaited the trip to school…

You arrived at school and rushed out of the bus only to be stopped by a strong hand grabbing your wrist as you exited. You stopped immediately, knowing who exactly who it was. Dave flippin’ Strider. You kept your back to him and tried to squirm your hand out but it was no use.

“Dave…Dave. Let me go right now,” You said coldly, using your other hand to bring down the hat even further down so that no one would see your bruised face.

“Why should I [Name]? Tell me what’s going on this fucking instant and maybe I’ll let you go,” He replied, his grip tightening around your wrist.

“I said it’s nothing alright?!” You yelled, attracting the attention of nearby students. You blushed and flung your hand away from him, rubbing your wrist. “See you Dave,” You murmured and walked briskly away from him.

You arrived in your first class, [Subject]. You were a bit early and walked to your seat in the front, farthest away from the door. You sat down gratefully and removed your hat, allowing your hair to cover your face. Your partner, Kanaya, arrived and sat next to you smiling. Her gray skin seemed to be as flawless as ever and her short hair seemed to be starting to curl at some ends.

“Hey [Name]! Oh dear, what are those god awful clothes you’re wearing, they look horrible!” She exclaimed her mouth gaping slightly open.

You chuckled softly and placed a hand on her arm. “It’s no biggie Kanaya, before you know it I’ll be wearing the clothes you bought me last week.”

“Really? Okay…hopefully you can get out of those things fast because they really do ruin your beautiful body shape [Name]. You know I need to recommend you this thing I saw in the mall yesterday…” Kanaya trailed off once she saw a flash of a sickly purple on your cheek. “Ekk! [Name]! Is that a bruise?”

You whipped your head around, fully facing her and clamped a hand over her mouth. “Shhh!” You hissed, “Yea, it is. I just…I just had an accident.” You let go and brushed your bangs a little bit out of your face. “Can you keep it a secret Kanaya?”

Her eyes were wide and clearly concerned. She touched the bruise gingerly, making you flinch away from the cold touch. “Sure I will, I have some make-up with me so we can cover up those marks. After class okay?” You nodded gratefully as the bell rang signifying the start of first period.

The bell rang and Kanaya dragged you to the nearest girl’s bathroom where she immediately started to set up all of her make-up. You shifted nervously, causing her to mess up multiple times and to tell you to stop. Finally she finished and your face looked practically the same as it was before the beating, excluding the very light shades of purple appearing in some spots.

“There that should do it! Now, back to class before we’re late…” Kanaya said, packing up her make-ups. You thanked her and rushed out the door, walking quickly to your locker. Once you were there you opened it quickly, dumping all of your first period books inside and grabbing your other textbooks for the next period.

“Hey! [Name]!” Shouted a small voice a little ways down the hall.

You shut your locker and turned toward the source of the voice to see Tavros wheeling towards you and Gamzee following close behind. Tavros had to turn his head a couple times to make sure his gigantic horns did not hit any passerby’s.

You smiled and ran up to him. “Hey Tavs, I’ve see you’ve been doing great lately!”

He smiled at you looking up from his wheelchair. “Uh…yea, I’ve been doing really great. Uh, I-I mean good! Yea, good!”

“Don’t sweat it Tavs, I know what you mean. Also, hey Gamzee how’ve you’ve been?”

The tall troll looked at you with a sleepy grin. “Been doing great sis, Tavbro and me been wrecking shit up all day every day.”

You chuckled and placed a hand on his gray arm. “Well don’t get too carried away, alright? How about we walk to class together, we are going to the same place after all.”

Tavros grinned and looked up, from Gamzee then to you. “Er, s-sounds great let’s get goin’!”

The rest of the day was a breeze; so far the girls that beat you up haven’t given you much trouble. Well, maybe just that one time where they knocked the books from your arms but they’ve done worse. It was finally lunch and you were getting your food. Simple really, a sandwich, a fruit and some water; you didn’t feel hungry but whatever, food was food. You just finished paying when you heard someone whisper to you as they walked past.

“Hey slut,” The leader girl whispered with a smirk on her face as she walked past. You turned your head to see her laughing with the other girls and your face burned with embarrassment. You looked around to see if anyone heard, but luckily no one seemed to be paying attention. You sighed and picked up your tray where you sat down in one of the round tables with Terezi, Karkat, Kanaya, Rose, John and all the rest of the gang.

“Hey guys!” You smiled, sitting down in the seat that faced the outside window.

“Heyyyy [Name],” slurred Roxy to your left as she drowsily smiled and waved.

“So we heard Dave’s been looking for you lately. What about you have gotten my ‘oh-so-cool’ brother all wound up?” Rose said smiling as she placed her book aside.

You smiled sheepishly as you sat down.  “I don’t really know honestly, maybe he’s just being himself?” You laughed nervously earning curious looks from around the table. Damn, that was not a very good cover up.

John looked up, his eyes shining as if he was holding a secret. “Well, /something/ got Dave all frustrated I me-“ He stopped suddenly though, his happiness all drained from his face and suddenly looked scared.

You titled your head and looked at him curiously. “John what are you-”

You shrieked suddenly just as ice cold water rained down on you’re from the top of your head. You looked around shocked and your eyes open wide to see behind you the girls that beat you up last night.

“Oops,” said the leader sarcastically holding the red plastic cup dripping with water, “My hand slipped. Here let me just wipe that off.”  She grabbed the nearest napkin and began to wipe your face roughly.

Ugh, practically digging into your face with sandpaper.

She finished the insult with throwing the napkin at your chest and laughing as she walked away. You stared in shock, your hair a dripping mess and the make-up Kanaya had carefully applied was ruined. There was first whispering, then the chuckle of the entire cafeteria and then the full blown /laughter/ of the entire school. You stood there, your clothes wet and your face in full blown shocked as silent tears began to trickle down.


It hurt so much’ everyone was laughing and making fun of you. It wasn’t your fault that your best friend was one of the coolest guys in school. It didn’t help you weren’t up to their level.  It didn’t even comfort you that everyone laughed at your mistakes. Fuck.

You wiped your face quickly with your jacket sleeve and crumpled up the sodden napkin in frustration.

“[Name]…” Kanaya said softly standing up to place a comforting hand on your arm.

“I… I DON’T WANT YOUR PITY!” You screamed silencing everyone for a moment, and then the laughing came even louder and even crueler. You sobbed, your shoulders shaking and you roughly pushed everyone away. You grabbed your backpack and rushed out of the lunch room, your shoes leaving a trail of wet foot prints on the tile floor.

You ran up the stair, up to the roof, occasionally slipping and falling making your curse quite colorfully. Sobs racked your body and you tried your best to scramble to the top. You finally made it to the door of the roof and threw yourself against it to make it bust open. You were instantly greeted with the wind whipping at your hair. You slammed to door closed and choked a sob and you stumbled to the one of the corners of the roof. The roof had a railing, probably about 7 feet tall so it wasn’t like you’d fall off. You fell against the cold metal and slid don’t to the ground sobbing and shrugging off your backpack.

Dark thoughts swirled in your head, eliminating any trance of optimism. You shook and sobbed loudly, sure no one could hear you in the deserted place. The wind was loud and strong, sending leaves to slap across your face and dirt to sting your eyes. You cover your face and wailed, ignoring everything around you.

Why did everyone have to hate you? You didn’t do anything wrong, as far as you were concerned, you tried to make everything right. You helped pretty much every. You didn’t really do anything to hurt anyone. Was it because you were so close to people? What did everyone have against you?

These thoughts ran through your head, dragging you down even more until you couldn’t focus on anything but those thoughts.

Behind you, there was the calling of your name by a single person. The voice became louder behind to door leading back into the school.

“[NAME]? [NAME]?![NAME]!” Yelled a voice from behind the door, getting louder along with the stomping from someone stomping up the stairs.

You heard the shouts now, but ignored it hugging your arms as choked sobs racked your body. The pain was immense now that you ran out of tears, stabbing you straight in the chest. You looked away from the door, down below to the back of the school where you could see trees swaying in the strong wind. You shut your eyes closed tight, trying to hold back your sobs but it was no use. You ended up doubling over and spilling more hot tears as they hit the cement roof.

“[Name]!” Shouted someone who burst through the door. Through your blurry vision, you peeked back to see Dave standing in front of the open door. He was breathing hard and you could see his shades were slipping down his nose.

Dave spotted you and instantly started walking towards you with his face red and angry. “[Name]! Where in fuck’s sake have you been? I’ve looking everywhere for you and now you’re just sitting here doing nothing!” He shouted stomping closer.

Another arrow of pain shot through your chest and you looked away. You curled into a ball, your forehead touching your knees, and began to rock yourself back and forth looking away from Dave.

“Don’t you dare ignore me! Face me goddamnit!” Dave screamed standing over you, his shadow casting over your head.

You stayed silent, rocking yourself back at forth and trying to rub your eyes dry and your nose clean. Dave fumed and tapped his foot impatiently.

“Oh for the fucking love of- Okay you are coming with me.” Dave said finally, grabbing under your arms  and pulling you up.

No one’s going to start shoving you around like this.
Not like this.
Not even the Strider boys.
No one.

You yelled and flailed around trying to struggle away from Dave. “Dave so help me god you let me down this instant or I will kick your lame ass!” You shouted between sniffles and gasps for air. You tried to punch him a couple times to get away but he dodged them and kept dragging you away.

“No I won’t let you down! You’re the one being the lame bitch here for god’s sake! I mean right now you sound like fucking Karkat!” He shouted pulling you up on your feet. You protested and elbowed him in the gut hard making him release you. You scrambled away, your back against the metal railing as he clutched his stomach in pain.

“What the sweet fuck was that for? You elbowed me in the gut! Ughh! That hurt like hell!” He cursed clutching his stomach and stumbling around.

You breathed heavily and looked away crossing your arms. “That’s what you get Strider for shoving me around that that!”

Dave recovered, standing up straight again and walking towards you. You backed up uncomfortably and looked away from Dave. He grabbed your hand and pulled you sharply up and holding you tight.

“Ugh, this is not how I wanted to go and here we are in a big mess,” Dave mumbled frowning.

“Wait what-?” You asked, trying to wiggle out but was interrupted when Dave had suddenly hugged you.


“Geez, okay so I heard what happen at lunch. You don’t have to over react you know, if you ever need me, just yell my name. I’ll be there for you and I’ll make sure those guys pay for what they’ve done.”

You paused a moment before relaxing and hugging him back.

“Thanks Dave.”

“No problem, just don’t wear out my name.”

“No problem cool kid.”
-- Feel free to point out any mistakes! Spelling, grammar or things that don't make sense! c: --

Hey guys long time no see!
Sorry for not uploading much lately, school has not been very kind lately.
I've been trying to pull up ideas for the fanfics so don't worry! I haven't forgotten about all the other series! ^^ I will get them out ASAP so hang in there! ;u;

Anywho, sorry for the sadness :c I thought I should put something dramatic in here this time. And look! Dave hugs! XD
So Enjoy guys! c:

There will be more parts to come! Don't worry guys! ^^

Dave Strider - :iconandrewhussieplz:
You - :iconsexydaveplz:

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RikuHaine Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The worst part for me is that, that I have hydrophobia, so I'll probably start to scream, shake, cry, stop breathing and finally faint... It once happened and it was terryfying...
If it wasn't water I'm sure my "little" angry issues will help me getting rid of these bitches...
HetaliaFanatic1205 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 6, 2014  Student Artist
If that cafeteria incident happened, I'd go badshit crazy on them. I am imagining myself dragging the leader out of her seat by her hair, tugging hard, and shoving her to the ground with my foot, my foot being located on her stomach. I would then take my fists, and punch her in the face until it was bruised and bloody. AND THEN I WOULD MAKE SURE SHE HAS ONE HELL OF A DAY.

I have too much of a vivid imagination... And anger issues... 0____0
Cocoismynumber1food Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm just...
I'm angry cause I'm not a pansy and bullies are nothing to me personally and I would have said
"Oh thanks I needed a shower anyways, plus these clothes weren't that great I'll just go to change."
Konnichiwa-Aki Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
If some girls did that to me...
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BethanyJo1001 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013
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BethanyJo1001 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013
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I like u^
BethxDave Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2013
While this did make me "n'aww" I have to say that Rose, Kanaya, and all then other girls in homestuck probably would have beat the living shit out of those girls.
Scaleon1 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
:iconoldschoolownedplz: :iconsupertackleplz: <---- Pretty sure what a lot of people in the comments would do xD! This is a fantastic fic so far and captures the emotions and feels awesomely~ TO THE NEXT PART :iconpoofplz:
ChekIt12798 Featured By Owner May 25, 2013
Omg Yus^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Lol.. if this actually happened, I'd just punch them.
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Never messed with me again ;D
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I don't give a care. those girls would die in 10 seconds preferably with a chainsaw and their blood everywhere
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How close is part three to being finished? I love this series. I can't wait to read more.
xForeverStrange Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a little more that halfway done! uwu All I have to do for it now is finish it and edit! c: Hang on a little bit more XD
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SkyWarriorKirby Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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portsha Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
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IceStar539 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just one question. Why did the trolls have horns and gray skin instead of being in human form? I mean I'm not hating on it or anything, but I just want to know if it's your personal preferance or if there is a reason.
xForeverStrange Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The trolls aren't human because, well, I guess I was sort of tired of seeing most stories with their human selves. :/ I mean it's a great idea to make them human and all, but I've always wanted to see them as themselves in an au where trolls and humans actually live together peacefully. I don't have much of a reason for making them not human, but I guess I wanted to relieve the repeated element of the trolls being human in schools or some sort of setting when they interact with the kids (John, Rose and etc) and the reader. But thank you for asking! ^^ I'm glad to have cleared it up for you c:
IceStar539 Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for giving me your reason. It was really interesting.
IceStar539 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
And this is wonderful by the way.
TheDerpMasterOfDoom Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2013
If I wuz her friend, I would yell SHUT DHIIGHTGHI UP!! At all those people laughing an- an-
GLUBNABIT, I can't think of any horrible enough punishment fo those jerks who keep messin' with her.
DaveStriderAddict Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Student General Artist
If some girls dumped cold water on MY head, they wouldn't be able to sleep at night.
mainly beacuse i'd be under their bed with a knife at the ready
Great story! I thouroghly(I CANT SPELL) enjoyed it!
Merpmerblahblah Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013
I agree completely. Dem bitches best not sleep tonight... :iconknifeplz: :iconpointingplz: :iconinplz: :iconyourplz: :iconsleepingplz:
(if you can decipher that then :iconthumbsupplz: )
DaveStriderAddict Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2013  Student General Artist
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DaveStriderAddict Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Student General Artist
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