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January 21, 2013
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You sighed as you walked down the streets past the multitudes of coffee shops and clothing boutiques. Jade and Rose had just texted you apologizing that they couldn’t make it to the meet up with you. You hoped that finally all five of you guys could at least have one day where you all hung out, but that seemed impossible nowadays. You put away you phone and continued to walk to the park where it was said you guys would meet up. You turned the corner only to see two familiar figures. One was clad in blue and the other in red. They seemed to be in a fist fight and attracting a whole lot of attention.

Your eyes widened and you ran over to them, nudging past the dense pact of bodies circling around the boys. You finally arrived to the middle where both of the boys were immersed in their fight. “John! Dave! Stop it you two!” You shouted dodging the punches from both boys.

“I am so gonna kill you Strider!” John yelled drawing back his arm, about to punch Dave.

“Well, I’m going to kick your ass Egderp!” Dave shouted as he fisted up his shirt. You groaned and marched up them. Just as they were about to punch each other’s face you took both of your hands and hit them hard on their heads. The stopped suddenly, their heads dipping down from your hit.

“Jesus, you guys! How many times have I told you to NOT fight in public!” You shouted, placing your hands on your hips.

They both groaned and looked up at you, their faces both bloody and bruised. “Sorry [Name]…” They both muttered. You sighed and took both of their arms, dragging them away from the park.

“I mean really! What if Rose and Jade were here! Also, why can’t you guys just not beat the shit out of each other every time we meet up somewhere?” You mutter as the boys stumbled behind you at you dragged them.

“Hey name, where are we going?” John asked trying to keep up with your quick pace. You let go and turned around facing both of the boys.

“I’m taking you to my apartment of course! Look at the sight of both of you guys! I at least need to clean up your faces so you don’t scare off every human being within a goddamn mile!” You huffed and looped your arms around theirs. “Honestly, you guys are just asking for so much trouble!”  The two boys looked at each other and grinned a bit in which you didn’t see the silent conversation going on with them.

You finally arrived at your small apartment, which was a bit messy with piles of papers and the occasional package of take-out food. You lead them to the couch where they sat down silently. You ran off the get the first-aid somewhere as they sat together.

“See what you got us into now Dave?” John whispered hastily frowning.

“Is it really bad? Actually, I found this a great opportunity, not sure about you but this is the perfect chance,”  Dave said leaning back on the couch adjusting his cracked shades.

“Hmm, well I guess, but I call her first! I’m the one who introduced you to her remember?” John said as his took off his glasses to wipe some of the smudges, but realized one half of it was severely cracked.

“No way! I get her! Besides she can’t resist this coolness,” Dave smirked as he sat up a bit.

“Honestly Dave, are you really going to use that card?” John said rolling his eyes.

“Hell yea. She’ll be all OVER me sooner or later,” Dave laughed weaving his hands behind his head.

“Dave you’re such a prick seriously,” John whispered shaking his head.

“You know it John, you know she’s totally gonna melt for me.”

“Who’s melting over who?” You ask overhearing some of the conversation as you come back carrying the first-aid kit.
Dave sat up rather quickly and John snickered at him. Dave shot him a glare and put on his poker face. “No one you need to know. Just some chick.”

“Huh, really? Just a girl?” You ask teasingly kneeling in front of them and opening the kit. You took a wet paper towel into your hands and sat on the couch in between the boys. “Dave you’re going to have to get rid of your glasses so I can clean you face.” He removes his glasses and you could see his bright red eyes.

“That’s better candy boy.” You smile as you start to wipe some of the blood off. He grumbles and flinches as the cold towel touches his skin. You continue to wipe off the blood and grime until his face was pretty much clean. You threw the dirty paper towel into the trash and grab another one and face John.

“Hey John, same with you too.” You smile and he takes off his glasses. You place the cool towel onto his skin and he flinches.

“It’s so cold [Name]!” He squeaks as you continue to clean his face. You laugh a bit and continue to wipe off the grime as he squirms around. You finally finish and throw that one away to.

“Okay…now it’s time to get the bandages…” You mutter leaning over the first-aid kit on the floor. You brought it up to your lap and began to rummage through the box. As you were looking for some bandages Dave, began to lightly trace up and down your spine giving you shivers. “Dave!” You squeak sit upright suddenly, “That’s tickles!”  

He laughs and leans back on the couch trying to calm down. “Oh my god, [Name] your face was fucking priceless. So I guess you’re still tickleish when someone does that!” You blush a bit and John cracked a smile.

“That’s not very nice Dave!” You pout going back to finding the bandages. As Dave stifles his laugh you finally find some decent bandages. You rip some open and turn to John, sticking some on his cuts. “Pain pain, go away~” You sing softly and when you were done, you kissed one of the bandages. You smiled and turned to Dave who was glaring at John because he gave him a smirk.

“Something wrong?” You ask tilting your head a bit.

He glances over to you and shakes his head. “Nah, it’s nothing.” You shrug and started to put the bandages.

Once you were done you brushed your hands together and closed the kit. “Hey [Name] where’s my kiss?” Dave said putting on his shades.

You look up at him in surprise. “Oh! I forgot! Also, you probably don’t need that pair of glasses anymore, I’ve got spare pairs for you guys.” You leaned towards him and gave him a quick kiss on one of his bandages. They you stood up, brushing off your clothes for whatever reason. As you were about to walk away, they both grabbed your arms pulling you down onto the couch again.

“Ehh?” You squeak landing onto the couch.

“Why don’t I get a special one like John?” Dave whined, leaning closer to your face.

You blushed and tried to back away but he just drew closer anyway. “Ehh? Isn’t just one kiss okay for you?”

“Nah, it isn’t I need something better,” He smirked leaning in so that your lips touched. He kissed you roughly, not allowing you to draw back and John sat behind you wide eyed and shocked. He pulled away and you blushed deeply with your hands flying up to your heated face.

“Hey no fair! I want a kiss too!” John whined and you turned to him in surprise. Bad choice, ((LOLNO)), he locked lips with you and entwined his arms around your waist.

“Wow! What a dirty trick Egbert!” Dave said also entwining his arms around you. John pulled away, a line of saliva extending from both of your guys’ mouths.

You face heated up as you sat there panting softly. “Seriously what are you g-”

Dave interrupted you by turning your chin and kissing you again. He forced his tongue in making you squeak and entwined his around yours. You moaned a bit as he kept on playing around and eventually won you over. You placed a hand on his chest trying to push him away but he just kept going on and on. Finally, he let go smirking and enjoyed how flushed you’ve gotten.

John frowned and pulled you close so that his chin rested on your head. “Wow Dave! That’s dirty! Stealing [Name] away from me!” He huffed hugging you close.  You were in utter embarrassment and pushed away from both of them, but still sat on the couch.

“Really what has gotten into you guys?!” You ask hiding your face with your hands and shaking your head.

Dave smirked, finding your reaction cute. He took one of your hands and removed it from you face kissing one of you cheeks. “Mm, we just love you that’s all.”

John did the same thing, also kissing your cheek in which you flinched a bit. “We love you a lot [Name].” He whispered in your ear. You shivered a bit and sighed in defeat.

“You guys are just…”

“Just what?” They piped in at the same time.

“You guys are just magnets of trouble!” You exclaim your face red as a cherry, “But I love you too anyway goddamnit!” You put your head in your hands and drowned in your embarrassment.

They laughed and hugged you close. “We love you too [Name].”
I don't know what is going on with me today. I'M DOING EVERYTHING I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. 8'D I'm going crazy. Maybe because school is tomorrow and I needed to get some fanfic scenes out of my system. Q U Q

[[I just love how my fanfics make absolutely no sense and rush to the romance scenes LOOOOL]]

The picture is the one that actually inspired me. LOLIDKWHY. BUTILOVEYOUPERSONWHOMADEIT.

Homestuck: :iconandrewhussieplz:
You: :iconjohnegbertplz: and :iconsexydaveplz:


EDIT: 12/14/13
All my series/stories are discontinued. Please check my page for more detail. Stop sending me messages asking if I will continue my stories.
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